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How to maintain fishing Casting reel

Fishing Casting reel
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When buying a Fishing Casting reel, of any kind, it should be given initial lubrication at the points indicated below, as preventive treatment for the first exit to the sea.

Care after a fishing day

Rinse thoroughly in a water stream with a wide spread over the entire surface of the roller, for a few seconds. After that, shake the roller and rotate the handle. Wipe with a dry cloth in a complete and thorough manner. After complete drying, it is important to lubricate the dots in the pictures frequently.

*it’s important to remember

During the cruise, it is recommended to place the roller in the farthest place from the water line, in order to prevent as much as possible seawater reaching the roller.

If the sea is high when arriving to the fishing point, it is recommended to store the roller and rod in the cabin of the kayak.

(It is recommended to tie a plastic bag around the roller until you pass the wave line)

It is very important not to drop the roller into the sea, but if it does fall, stop immediately use the roller and dip in a fresh water bucket for 24 hours and thereafter bring it to the shop for repair.


ome Photos of Omoto Fishing Casting reel:

omoto1 omoto2 omoto3 omoto4 omoto5

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