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How to maintain fishing electric reel

fishing electric reel
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When purchasing an fishing electric reel at the store, of any kind, it is crucial to lubricate it at the specified points and preemptive treatment before going out to sea for the first time.

Wash the roller:

The roller should be held at the right angle in one hand, with the electric control inclined upward, under a concentrated stream of tap water touching the area of the drum, on which the wire is wrapped downward.

After Rinsing:

Wipe the roll thoroughly with a towel drained of fresh water. Then move again with a dry cloth.

It’s important to remember!
  1. The drag butterfly should be released after a fishing day to keep pads and drag discs operating for a long-term
  2. Emphasize wiping with a damp, dry cloth near the plug point

3 During the voyage, the equipment must be placed in a safe area protected from seawater

  1. Emphasis should be placed on lubrication in the area of the axis on which the wire is to be arranged
  2. Emphasize lubrication in the drag butterfly area
  3. The wire release knob should be adjusted in a controlled manner with the hand, not by turning the roller handle
  4. Avoid damage to the electrical control area and the roller in general
  5. Avoid using electric when dealing with a fish!

The roller should be oiled after each trip out to sea, followed by a complete wipe of it so that there will not be any residue left before putting it to storage.


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