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HOW TO MAINTAIN Fishing Spinning Reel

Fishing Spinning Reel
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When purchasing a Fishing Spinning Reel, of any kind, from the store, it is necessary to give initial lubrication at the indicated points, as a preventive treatment for our first exit into the sea.

The first step, hold the roller in the body handle with one hand, with the roller drum facing up.

Lower the droplet downwards, and close the cap for drag.

Rinse the roller in a water stream with a widespread current over the whole surface of the roller thoroughly for a few seconds.

After washing, shake the roller using the hand holding it at the handle.

After the wash, roll the roller using its handle to eliminate any water droplets that remained on it after the wash.

Wipe dry the entire body of the roller with a dry cloth.

After we have dried the roller, grease at the points in the pictures.

IMG_0271 IMG_0273 IMG_0267

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