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How to load spearfishing speargun

Load spearfishing speargun
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Instructions for correctly loading a roller speargun

A photographed guide for correct loading – recommended for average long rifles, since loading is easier with short rifles, although the principles are the same.

Before we begin, here are four things you should never do:

Do not load the gun out of the water!

Do not aim the loaded gun at people!

You have to load the gun when the safety is on!

Consider a loaded and locked, as if it is not with the safety on!


Load spearfishing speargun

Step 1:

Sit comfortably in the water and find a good grip on the handle of the rifle with your left hand as you prepare to load.

Step 2:

With your right hand, grasp the right rubber band as you push with your left hand.

Step 3:

Keep your right hand straight and push the butt of the rifle against your chest with your left hand.

Step 4:

When the rifle handle is firmly pressed against your chest, release it and use the left hand now available to grasp the left rubber band.

Step 5:

With both hands, pull the rubber bands back toward the arrow slot, and use the chest as a counter force.

Step 6:

Insert the wishbone into the slot and the rifle is ready to fire.

Happy hunting!


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