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How to use manual white balance underwater photography

manual white balance underwater photography
omri y

We often shoot with our digital camera in automatic set-ups. Whether we’re shooting over or underwater, the manual white balance underwater photography of the camera reads the color temperature from the entire scene and many times it is “confused” trying to read the correct color. In addition, underwater camera photography deals with filtering light found in the hot frequencies, something that it is not planned to deal with (even cameras with underwater mode – not recommended for use). Therefore, always set the camera where the white color starts and not rely on what is programmed in it. For example: In a room illuminated by candlelight we will get a white color of a yellow/orange wall. Another example: Underwater the color will be blue, milky and pale as we deepen. Our images can be rich and with beautiful colors, if we know how to adjust the white balance in the camera- an operation that takes only 5 seconds!

  1. First set the camera to P (Program) mode, where the camera stays automatic but gives us control over functions, including white balance.
  2. You should go to the WB (WHITE BALANCE) menu, which will usually be on automatic mode (AWB) and select the manual measurement option – EVULATE or PRESET.
  3. Adjust the camera to a white color (the diffuser for the flash we received with the case or a sheet of paper) and press the measurement button (changing between the camera models).
  4. Repeat the operation with a depth change every 3-4 meters in order to get good colors.

Important point! Each camera has a limit to its dynamic range and the deeper the depth, the more difficult it is to return the warm colors. Using the white balance filter and measurement, the best colors will be obtained as the filter increases the range of warm colors the camera can see.


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