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Bags and Storage

Bags and Storage

Gooper is the company behind the sensational water-proof carry case! They’re the only patented, flexible, magnetic, and self-sealing dry bags available anywhere! They’re waterproof, odor proof, dustproof, snow proof, and sand proof.

Gooper Hermetic’s automatic self-sealing dry bags can be used to easily carry your smartphone, keys, credit or debit cards, cash, and more while you work, play, or hang out in or near water.

Because of their advanced self-sealing technology, Gooper products are usable for up to 300 meters of water! Plus, with their innovative bag design, you can still use your touch screen and video camera while your phone is safely stored in the bag. You can capture any water or underwater adventures you and your friends go on without damaging your phone or camera!

Created with 100% biodegradable materials, Gooper products are safe for your mobile phone, wallet, and the environment!

We’re excited to present their ground-breaking products in our online shop!