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Mad Wave


Mad Wave is an acclaimed swimming gear company that creates goggles, swimsuits, swim caps, and other swimming equipment and accessories to professionals and casual enthusiasts alike. Their swimsuits come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and options, including swim trunks and shorts, aerodynamic racing jammers and suits, as well as body-shaping swimsuits and chlorine-resistant swimsuits. They also offer products and gear for a diverse selection of water sports and activities including water polo and aquatic fitness.

Their force shell air force racing swimsuit is hydrodynamic and shaping, making it the personal swimsuit of choice of Olympic Bronze Medalist, Vladimir Morozov. Mad Wave also provides a wealth of other swimming products, including specialized optical goggles and fins.

At Adventure at Nature, we’re excited to begin our partnership with Mad Wave as a distributor of their high-quality swimwear and other swimming products.