Dive BCD

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When beginning scuba diving, you’re probably confused when it comes to the dive BCD. Almost every scuba diver has one, but it’s hard to figure out which is the best one to start out with. Here are some tips for choosing your first dive Buoyancy Control Devices.
First, you need to decide the style of dive BCD to go with. For most beginners, they go with the jacket style dive BCD over the wing style dive Buoyancy Control Devices. This is because the wing style dive BCD is more common for technical diving applications, something that you probably won’t be doing much of as a beginner.
From there, you should test the fit and make sure that the dive Buoyancy Control Devices has all of the features that you’ll need and feel comfortable using before your first dive. One of the benefits of buying your own dive Buoyancy Control Devices is that it is always exactly as you left it. You’ll always be familiar with the features and never have to relearn the parts before every dive like you would with a rental.