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Dive Compass and Gauges

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scuba diving Gear, Dive Compass and Gauges

  • Aquatec SC-650 Scuba Compass

    $69.00 $44.97
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scuba diving Gear, Dive Compass and Gauges

While you’re under the surface of the water, there are important measurements that you need to keep track of. Without any sort of measurement tool like a dive compass and gauges, your dive can take a dangerous turn, and it’s required that divers carry these essential monitoring pieces of equipment with them when they head below the surface.

Most commonly, you’ll need a compass and diving gauges. The compass will show you which direction you’re headed so you can make your way back to the boat on top of the water. The diving gauge will track a few different measurements including the depth that you are diving along with the pressure that you’re experiencing.

Adventure At Nature offers a variety of dive compasses and gauges for you to choose from. Make sure that you stay safe and know where you are with a dive compass and gauges.