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Dive Hoods

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Dive Hoods

Dive hoods are an essential piece of dive wear to ensure that you don’t lose too much body heat while you’re under the water. Because you lose much of your body heat from your head, it’s crucial that you keep it protected from the elements and the cold water as you dive deeper below the surface of the water.

Dive hoods are similar to scuba hooded vests except the vest portion isn’t included. Dive hoods still fit seamlessly with your wetsuit and have space so you can easily wear your dive mask and use your regulator with ease.

There are a few different types of dive hoods available with the main differentiating factor being the material and thickness of the scuba hood. The thicker that the scuba diving hood is, the more protection that you’ll have from the cold water. The most important factor to look for as you shop for scuba hoods is the fit. Make sure that it fits well, and you’ll be able to wear it for hours on end comfortably.