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Diving Gloves

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Diving Gloves, Spearfish & Freedive, Accessories

Diving Gloves

Diving Gloves

Diving Gloves, Accessories

When you’re diving in colder water, you want to ensure that every part of your body is protected from the frigid temperatures. Your dive wear is the number one factor in ensuring that you don’t freeze and return to the surface. Diving gloves are crucial to keeping your body warm.

When shopping for a pair of diving gloves, there are a few things that you need to consider. Most importantly, you need to consider the temperature of the water you’ll be diving in.

Without Scuba gloves, your hands will go numb quickly, and you could have trouble accessing your equipment which can lead to danger. There are two primary types of Dive gloves. There are textile diving gloves which are great for spearfishing; then there are neoprene gloves which are more flexible and provide more insulation from the cold.

Test the fit beforehand and make sure that you can comfortably use them and then it’s time to hit the water!