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Rash guards and long johns

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Rash guards and long johns

Rash guards and long johns, Suits

Rash guards and long johns

When you’re under the water, the strong current can have a very chilling effect. While you are probably wearing a diving wetsuit to help keep you warm, you definitely need to wear something else underneath to make sure that you are comfortable and plenty warm, That’s where the Rash guards and long johns come in.

These pieces of dive wear fit snuggly and go underneath your diving wetsuit. Do you need both a rash guard and a pair of dive long johns, or can you get by with just one? Well, the answer depends.

If you plan to dive in colder waters, you want as many layers as possible. As you dive deeper below the surface, the water will become colder, and you’ll wish that you had an extra layer of protection from the frigid water.

Rash guards and long johns are excellent pieces of dive wear, and even if you don’t plan to use them on every diving trip, every diver should have a set.