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Scuba Hooded Vest

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Scuba Hooded Vest

A scuba hooded vest is an essential piece of dive wear that every cold water diver should have in their gear bag. Even if you’re diving in warmer water, the deeper that you dive, the colder that the water will get. You lose your body heat through your feet and your head, so protecting your head from the frigid waters is crucial for regulating your body heat and staying in the water for longer without getting hypothermia.

A scuba hooded vest covers your torso and your entire head. It provides protection for your forehead, chin, and in some cases depending on the specific product, your neck too.

Scuba hooded vests are designed to fit your wet or dry suit seamlessly. They also allow for your mask and regulator to fit seamlessly as well and are the essential component you need to complete your dive wear outfit.