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Snorkeling Safety Gear

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Snorkeling might seem like the more tame, safer cousin of scuba diving, but in reality, you still need to follow safety precautions and prepare yourself for emergencies. Yes, it is true that you aren’t going deep under the water relying only on your air tank, but other dangers still exist with snorkeling.

For one, you could be entangled in a mess of seaweed or fishing line while under the surface; run out of air when you go down a little bit too deep, or step on a sharp piece of coral. For these reasons, you need to make sure you’re equipped with snorkeling safety gear.

Snorkeling safety gear items that are most common include water shoes or boots, high-quality snorkels, full face masks, and floatation devices. You can also step it up and go above and beyond with a diver’s knife if you’re worried about becoming entangled. Whatever the case may be, check out our store for a wide selection of snorkeling safety gear.