Can you ever have enough accessories? The answer is no! Sure, you can get by on the just the bare essentials, but with free dive and spearfishing accessories, you can have an even more enjoyable time out on the water. These are a few of our favorite free dive and spearfishing accessories.
One thing that could definitely come in handy is a waterproof flashlight. If you want to go spearfishing or free diving while in the dark, an underwater flashlight will help shine the way and make sure that you don’t run into any obstacles. You can also use it to attract and confuse the fish.
Another great free dive and spearfishing accessory is a float or flag. This will alert people on the surface that you’re below the water so they will stay away from the area, helping to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.
There are many more free dive and spearfishing accessories available. Browse the Adventure At Nature store to see them all.