Before you head out on the water, you need to do a double check of all your spearfishing equipment. Have a wetsuit? Check. Have a mask and snorkel? Check. Have your spear gun? Check. Spear? Check. But something is missing – your spearfishing line!

You can’t reel any fish in without spearfishing lines, so we’re here to help you choose the right spearfishing line to bring with you on your spearfishing trip.

First, you need to consider the color. Never choose one that is white, as the fish can see that easily. You should go with orange or red. Yes, it might seem counterintuitive, but these colors disappear first under the water.

Next, you need to consider the strength of the line you need. Look at your spear gun to check the weight of fishing line it supports and go with something that matches.

From there, all that’s left to do is take it out in the water and start fishing!