Spear gun Tip

While some people might think that all spears in spearfishing are the same, the different spear gun tip that you use can affect whether you catch the fish or if it gets away. There are a variety of different spear gun tips available on the market and available in our store at Adventure At Nature.

One of the common types of spear gun tip is fixed spear tips. These are fixed to the actual spear and won’t break off. This makes it easier to reel in the fish with your spear gun, but if you lose a spear, you’ll also lose the spear gun tip.

Another type of spear gun tip is detachable spear tips. These will detach from the spear and offer more flexibility when going after fish under the water.

Finally, we offer multi-prong spear gun tips which feature multiple prongs that will jab into the fish, making it more effective of killing the fish quickly. Whatever you choose, research the type of fish in the area that you’ll be fishing and find a speargun tip that will be best for catching them.