Spearfishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch fish. Rather than passively sitting on the shore or on the deck of a boat waiting for the fish to come to you, in spearfishing you’re going out in the water and chasing after the prey. To be a proficient spearfisher, you need a well-equipped spear gun to start. How do you use a spearguns? Let’s take a look at the parts and what they do.

The main part of the SpearGuns is the stock. This is often made of wood, and it is the piece that holds the entire spear gun together.

Next, you’ll find a handle and a trigger at the end of the stock near the butt end. By pulling the trigger, you can send the spear gliding through the water and after the fish.

Then, you have a spear that is powered by power bands, pieces of rubber tubing that put tension on the spear and release that tension to fire the spear.