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  • Mad Wave Ergo Nose Clip Black

    $17.95 $12.97
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Nose Clips

  • Mad Wave Ergo Nose Clip Pink

    $17.95 $12.97
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Nose Clips

  • Mad Wave Ergo Ear Plug Green

    $19.50 $15.00
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Ear Plugs

To make your swimming experience even more enjoyable, you should invest in some awesome swimming accessories. We offer a bunch of swimming accessories including products for your MP3 player, nose clips, ear plugs, and more.

One of the popular items in our store in the magnetic dry phone bag. This tool will fit most smartphones, and you can keep it safe and sound while you use it at the pool. We also offer a dedicated waterproof swimming MP3 player so you can take your tunes with you during your swimming workout.

There are also kickboards and swimming caps to help your kids learn the mechanics of swimming safely before they go out in the water along.

Earplugs and nose plugs are also great to have if you like to lap swim. This will keep the water out of your nose and ears during quick turns, and a swim cap will make you more aerodynamic in the water.

Browse our entire selection of swimming accessories and pick one up that will perfectly complement your next swimming trip.