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spearfishing online store – Tips for Buying Spearfishing Gear Online

spearfishing online store Some like to try before they buy, but follow these tips to get the most from an online spearfishing store.
So, you’re ready to start spearfishing? After reading a few of our posts talking about the basics of the sport, let’s get into some of the nitty-gritty details of spearfishing gear.
Since we are a specialized spearfishing online store, we also have a few tips to make sure you’re buying the right product for your needs without even seeing it in person!
Let’s get into each piece of equipment.

Spear Guns

Without your spear, you won’t be able to snag in any fish! When looking at our selection of spears online, you can see that we offer a few different speargun models .
The Salvimar Metal Scuba Spearfishing Speargun is our best recommendation for beginners.
For one, it’s the most affordable in our spearfishing online store, but is also very user-friendly, and well-suited for hunting big game once you develop some experience spearfishing.
Also, the aluminum barrel and integrated shaft guide make it highly accurate as you begin to hone your skills.

Another selection we offer on the other end of the price range is the Seawolf Sub Predator Roller Wood Speargun. This model is better for more seasoned spearfishers with an extended firing range of 105 meters.
With this range, you won’t have to worry about any fish getting away anymore!
The wooden rifle design is also extremely durable with two sets of bands stretched both above and below the rifle.
In summary, if you want a spear gun that shoots far and fast, this is the one for you.

Open Cell Suits

On our spearfishing online store, we exclusively offer a selection of open-cell suits.
Keep in mind, these are a little bit tighter, but they work wonderfully to keep divers insulated and warm during long periods of spearfishing.
We offer them in two different colors: black and brown camo.  The camo will help you blend in while you’re on the hunt to keep fish from spotting you before you snag them.
There are also two thicknesses available: 3.5 mm and 5.5 mm to better suit the climate you’ll be spearfishing.
The thicker suit will help insulate you more if you’re fishing in colder waters, and the thinner 3.5 mm suit is better for warmer waters.
One of the best benefits of open cell suits is that they are more flexible than closed cell suits,

which are made of a thick, stiff rubber material. If you’ve taken a dive class before you’ve probably used one before since they are generally more affordable than open cell suits.

When it comes to sizing, we’d recommend you try to try one on in-person. The open cell suits should be relatively tight to put on, but once you’ve put it on they are incredibly comfortable.

Take a diving class and try on theirs to see which size works for you. Luckily suits come in sample sizes of 2.3.4. or 5 in our online spearfishing store.


You need a good pair of fins if you want to dive down to catch up the fish. We offer a selection of specialty spearfishing fins in our store. As you can see, our fins are meant for professionals; however, if you intend to keep going with the sport, it isn’t a bad idea to invest in a good pair of spearfishing fins.

These fins are made of flexible yet tough materials that can hold up to spearfishing trips for years to come.
If you just want to try a pair out, our affordable scuba fins will suit you well as you continue learning the art of spearfishing.

As far as sizing for fins go, you want a pair that is snug, but not overly tight. If your fins are too tight, they might end up cutting off your circulation, or could lead to blisters or chaffing. Take a look at our selections and see which ones work best for your budget and experience level.


Just as with any fishing, you need a line to help you reel in your prized catch. The line also helps you reel back in your spear if you happen to miss. We offer a variety of different lines in our spearfishing online store with different thicknesses and strengths.

Choosing the correct line depends on the type of fish you’ll be hunting along with your personal preference. For larger fish, you’ll want to use a thicker line that won’t snap while they fight. For beginners, we typically recommend 1.5 mm line as it is a good middle ground.

Have Any Questions?

Those are our tips to help you navigate our spearfishing online store! You might need to try some things on in-person, but once you know your size, buying from us is super simple. Also, if you have any questions along the way, our team of spearfishing experts would be happy to help you.