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Swimming Snorkel

AMEO Powerbreather Sport Swimming Snorkel


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● D-Tubes: Dual tubes are shaped for comfort and used for intake only, so there’s no risk of exhaled air containing CO2 reentering your lungs.
● Twist lock system: The easy-to-use dial adjustment ensures a custom ergonomic fit. The POWERBREATHER stays secure, even during fast flip turns.
● Easy fit air junction: Quick-positioning mouthpiece brings D-TUBES into proper position for maximum fit and comfort.
● Speed Vent: Patented valve technology prevents water from entering while you breathe. Options available with added resistance for added respiratory training.

Kit Contents:
● 1x Powerbreather Snorkel
● 2x Speed Vent easy S (Standard)
● 1x Case Sport


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Ameo PowerBreather swimming snorkel

innovative swimming snorkel developed in Germany and has already managed to win prestigious awards. The POWERBREATHER makes swimming easier and safer, makes training more efficient, and improves performance – all due to its innovative respiratory technology (AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM).

Breathe Freely Under the Surface Like You Were On Land

The German Engineered, Ameo Powerbreather is an innovation in training equipment for swimming and snorkeling. An ideal training aid for both amateur and top-ranking athletic swimmers.

The Ameo Fresh Air System allows swimmers to inhale constant, clean, fresh air, preventing the performance reduction normally caused by conventional snorkels where CO2 and O2 mix in the same tube, eliminating ‘pendulum breathing’.

Furthermore, a one-way valve membrane technology prevents water from entering the tubes. The system stays dry and the breathing tubes are never blocked. Parallel, twin, air-intake tubes give the Powerbreather a perfect, streamlined, safe fit, for more relaxed, better breathing and clear all around vision (unlike a center line snorkel) – even when swimming fast with flippers.

Key Benefits for snorkeling and free diving

● The supply of fresh air continuously over time, breathing air safer for long distances.

● No need to blow the water out (upwards) of water being pushed out downward with gravity.

● The innovative valve prevents the entry of water during a dive.

● perfect match in a safe and stable at any speed.

● Snorkel used by elite athletes, including thousands of the world, holders of world records, Olympic champions, European champions and more.

Key Benefits for swimmers and triathletes:

● Strength training strenuous endurance thanks to supplying fresh air continuously.

● Specific training technique to improve swimming posture, activity, and efficiency.

● The training of respiratory muscles to improve breathing capacity. Combining the three advantages of the device pool.

AMEO Powerbreather Sports Swimming Snorkel Specification

Brand: Ameo

Model: Powerbreather Sport

Weight: 220 grams

Diameter: 365X198X38 CM

Made in Germany!

Kit Contents:
● 1x Powerbreather Snorkel
● 2x Speed Vent easy S (Standard)
● 1x Case Sport

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