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Scuba Guardian Air Filter

Aquatec Scuba Guardian Air Filter FM-200


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● Compact & elegant lightweight design, no burden to use. N.W. 97 grams, Meas. 88 x 21.5 mm.
Provide you a clean and moist air reduces dry throat symptoms.
● Compatible to most all of regulators.
● Much easier to equalize Lower incidence of post-diver headaches.
● Producing oxygen which contains negative ions that majorly refresh, invigorate and increase alertness in order to improve diving performance.
● Charcoal & Wool felt filter remove trace particles of odor, rust, and dust.
● The molecular sieve absorbs moisture and spreads it into the airflow that helps increase the humidity when divers are breathing.
● Simply attached between your First stage and Regulator hose and fill distilled water or bottled water.
● Compatible with Nitrox up to 40% (The maximum recreational limits for nitrox diving).
● Artificial Atmosphere 0.1% humidity Extremely Dry Tank Air.
● How does the tank air become re-humidified? Simulating Natural Atmosphere humidity ( 30% to 70% ) with clean air.
● AQUATEC superb quality and complete after-sales lifetime warranty.


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Aquatec Scuba Guardian Air Filter FM-200

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System to clean the oil and gas, dust, odor, bacteria, heavy metals in the cylinder and allow the diver to have a cleaning, moisture air when diving. Simple Installation, Six-layer filter, Easy replacement, Ease of use.

Installation Instructions:
1: Disconnect the Regulator hose from the first stage of your regulator.
2: Carefully, thread the Guardian Air Filter First Stage Body Joint into the low-pressure port where the regulator hose was connected to the first stage.
3: Tighten the First Stage Body Joint to 5.16-foot pounds/7-newton meters. If you do not have access to a torque wrench, tighten only until snug. Do not over tighten First Stage Body Joint

    • Clean Air System
    • The Aquate Guardian Air Filter was designed to cleanse high pressure compressed air for use by scuba divers. The system is easy to install and maintain. The Guardian Air Filter is only for recreational air diving use to depths not in excess of 130 feet of seawater/ 40 meters. Do not use the Guardian Air Filter with enriched air Nitrox or for any other mixed gas diving.

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