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Roller Wood Speargun

SeaWolf Sub Predator Roller Wood Speargun



Extensive range – The manufacturer of the 105-meter long rifle has an efficient range of 6.5 meters at the end of the target.
Indestructible shot – the movement of rubber bands against the direction of the shot almost completely eliminates the deterrent of the rifle and the fisherman earns a powerful but at the same time a much more pleasant and precise shot.
Extremely fast arrow output – 27 m / sec arrow speed – The fish cannot avoid shooting at a distance.
An excellent shot – although Robo Roller has rubber bands stretched both above and below the rifle thanks to the unique structure and minimum height of the rifle has an excellent
Maximum utilization! – SeaWolf-Sub The maximum length of 105 cm with a back-end mechanism that makes us gain another 7 cm stretch which means that most of the rubber 105 bomber pushes the arrow no less than 112 cm! M –
Original quality and durable arrow – the gun comes with an original HUNT arrow with double butterfly and resin.


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SeaWolf Sub Predator Roller Wood Speargun 
The Predator is a roller wood speargun-technology rifle that allows rubber bands to push the arrow along the entire length of the rifle tracks, compared to standard rubber rifles that use only about 70% of the length of the rails to push the arrow, thus achieving a faster arrow exit, increased firing range, Of the rubber bands almost completely eliminates the deterrent at the time of the shot, thus enabling a powerful and precise shot.

Seawolf Sub’s Predator fishing  roller wood speargun rifle is characterized by high-quality production combining innovative technical solutions that ensure maximum accuracy, high maneuverability, and impressive performance.
A little bit on the tree – the Burmese teak rifle, carefully selected and from which outer deck parts are built for yachts, musical instruments and high-quality end products that require resistance to stress and extreme weather conditions. The tree has a unique ability to deal with salinity compared with other types of wood available on the market. These characteristics make teak wood desirable and prestigious among artists and artisans.

The production process is done by professionals who saw the planks, or the wooden strips, with the accuracy of one-hundredth of a millimetre. The strips are then bonded with special epoxy adhesives that have been adapted to extreme marine environments and to working under load conditions. The wood is glued laminated in contrasting fibre direction in a way that gives structural strength plates and resistance to abrasion and to moisture or moisture.

A little about the process – the glued wood undergoes a computerized process in which the wood is measured, cut and centred with the maximum precision so that each block of wood will be identical to the other, which makes all the wooden guns appear identical and stronger than usual.
Dimensions – The Predator is the world’s first shotgun with a 28 mm thick front wheel, with a width band in the pulley area ranging from 30 to 90 mm and again in the rear to 50 mm. These characteristics allow the rifle to operate optimally in all weather conditions.

The Predator has a unique HEPA drive that was first launched in 2012 and features two pullies at the front of the rifle, a unique rubber band that connects 14 and 16 mm rubber bands that pass through the pulleys to the gun’s connection mechanism, A tremendous thrust force and eliminates the deterrent at the moment of the shot, providing ideal stability and precision during the firing.
The rifle has a long range firing system with a 140 cm long built-in arrow that reaches a speed of 27 meters per second with 7 / 7.5 / 8 mm darts, characterized by recoil and maximum accuracy.
Comes in dimensions: 95, 105, 115

The Predator is equipped with quality additions:
• Burmese teak in all its parts
• Professional pulley with 100-meter dynamic wire
• Stainless steel backrest mechanism

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