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About Spearfishing Accessories equipment

spearfishing Accessories equipment
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Speargun Reel

The reel is one of the important Spearfishing Accessories equipment and used for various reasons. First and most important: Safety! In case we catch a fish that stays at depth, if because it is stuck in a rock or etc, we don’t want to deal with it when we are about to end our bottom time. In this case, we would go back to the surface by opening the reel and follow it back down to find back the fish and gun, this is very helpful in low visibility conditions. The reel also helps us to keep the fish with the spear. When we allow the fish to swim with the spear and open reel we are giving it time to get tired and try to get it to us in a safer way if we weren’t with a reel. A fish that we just hit and didn’t paralyze will swim away with power and take the gun with it or tear itself from the spear (this is another reason why it is important to make accurate hits in order to paralyze the fish and don’t let it run away injured)


Wishbone is the part that connects between the slings and the spear. They are 2 different types of wishbones, metal and dyneema.

Metal Wishbone

The most common wishbone, used on most Euro guns. Its advantages are its long life span a reliability. But, it could be dangerous to the hands if it slips from the spear grove, usually due to hurried or improper loading

Metal wishbone

Metal wishbone

Dyneema Wishbone

Made with a (relatively) softer Dyneema cord. The Mares Phantom Speed and Rob Allen spearguns are equipped with Dyneema wishbone. Very friendly to the hands. Though you need to use a Dyneema “friendly” spear. If you changed to a Dyneema wishbone for a gun with metal wishbone you will need to file the spear groves, or else they will cut the Dyneema or use a spear with shark fins.

dyneema wishbone

Dyneema Wishbone

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