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All About Spearfishing Camouflage Wetsuit

Spearfishing Camouflage Wetsuit
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Camouflage is a keyword in the underwater fishery lexicon, but at the same time it serves as a source of debate between different schools

Is there any way for a person to make himself invisible underwater? How can we make ourselves look just like a rock? Is it possible to move in a way mimicking the movement of seagrass while waiting for prey? These are fundamental questions that constantly preoccupy the underwater hunter whose success depends heavily on his ability to become “transparent” in the eyes of his prey. We are all looking for a way to “blur” our visibility underwater, but there are disagreements about the technique best used to achieve this. In practice, there is no possibility of “disappearing” from the eyes of the prey completely, but we can reduce our image by integrating into the appearance of the environment. Unfortunately, this is not at all a simple task to get our prey thinking it is looking at an inanimate object like a rock. The Underwater World is a very tough world and the struggle to survive has brought the living beings in it to develop first-rate tools and abilities. A fish can hear the heartbeat of the diver and even look into his eyes, while the diver, on his part, tries “blending” as much as possible with the colors of the environment. The underwater fisherman will try to use shadows and colors to enter the rocks and grooves and bury himself deep into the soft seagrass.


Today, there is an extensive selection of suits in different colors, shapes and patterns. Usually, the choice of a particular color will be made with regard to the nature of the local water in which the dive will be done and type of fishing which we will try. But the question arises as to how much investment in the diver’s external shape actually helps him become a better hunter. It is also important to consider the psychological aspect of the diver, for when he feels more confident in himself and his abilities, the level of concentration he will show during the dive will rise and so will his chances of catching a “hotter” fish. That which is responsible for determining our heart rate, stress levels in the body and other variables that the prey can sense is the brain, so we must concentrate our efforts on self-employment and practice. The sense of security is what brings with it beautiful results and has nothing to do with the color of the suit you choose to wear on your body.

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