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Wearing Spearfishing Open Cell Suits

Spearfishing Open Cell Suits
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How to behave with Spearfishing Open Cell Suits when putting it on and taking it off in order to ensure a long period of use?

As part of the maintenance of our freediving suit, the process of dressing and undressing is crucial. It may seem illogical, but many divers do not know how to wear a suit or wear it incorrectly.  According to the prevailing perception, to wear the jacket, start with your hands and then insert your head in a circular motion. But in practice, this way of dressing almost ensures harming the suit and how long we will use it, since this movement overstretches the neck seams and bottom of the arms and causes them great pressure. This is especially true when it comes to suits with an outer coating more so than those without, where the adhesive can be easily released and in some cases real tears can be created. These movements even in the toughest suit with double coating (inside and out); can cause an expansion of the seams which will lead to the penetration of water through them. In most cases, these defects cannot be repaired.

Harmful at the same level, is the method of pulling the tail to remove the jacket from the body. This also leads to the tearing of suit’s materials and seams. The next guide’s purpose is to try and show, with the combination of pictures, the correct way to wear and remove the suit.  The manual refers obviously to the top, since there is no problem when it comes to the bottom.

How to put it on:

1) First fold the Spearfishing Open Cell Suits as much as possible, as in the picture

* Of course, the suit should be lubed properly before putting it on with water and hair-conditioner or liquid soap and so on.

2) And then … we put the head in

3) When the head is in place, insert on of the arms

4) Now, when the head and one hand are already inside, lift up the suit where it is at the same height of the opposite shoulder and insert the other hand

5) At this point many find themselves struggling because of the instinct to pull the suit down. When they do they create a situation where it will be impossible to insert the hand. As a result, many give up and try another method. Contrary to instinct, it should be pulled up

6) … And the hand goes in fairly easy

7) Now with a rolling motion, we take the jacket the rest of the way down towards out hips

8) Almost ready

9) Blowing into the sleeves will help in ensuring that the top is placed correctly.

How to take it off:

1) First fold the suit as much as possible

2) Wet the pocket formed and the rest of the suit parts. If the suit is with an outer coating (nylon), you can give up the above step, but if it is in a smooth texture, it must be done.

3) With one arm grab as far as possible on the opposite side and pull forward

4) Put the other hand under the first all the way to where the shoulder is under it too

5) With your shoulder, raise your first hand while holding at the bottom of the suit with both hands, pull upward in motion and in a continuous and fast pull

6) Thanks to the lubrication from step 2, the top can now be pulled off with little to no effort

7) with no damage


Of course, when wearing or removing Spearfishing Open Cell Suits with an outer coating or without, our nails are the biggest enemy due to the fact they can rip and knock the neoprene. Always try to grab a suit with the pads of your fingers or your hand.


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