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Things to Look for When You Buy a Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod
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Whether this is your first time buying a fishing rod or you’re looking to upgrade, these are the things to consider.

Although many people might overlook their fishing rod and instead focus on the bait, reel, hooks, and other parts, the rod can make or break your fishing experience. A well-built and perfectly sized fishing rod can help you cast on a dime and put your bait right where you need it to go. If your fishing rod isn’t exactly up to par, you could end up scaring the fish away and running into a host of other issues.

Here are our tips to help you buy a fishing rod that not only meets your needs but will improve your chances of reeling in a prize-worthy fish during your next fishing trip.

The Material

While some might think that all fishing rods are the same, the material plays an important factor. It can determine how strong it is, how durable it holds up to repeated catches, and more. Most fishing rods are typically made from fiberglass, graphite, or a combination of both in some cases.

Graphite fishing rods will be lighter than fiberglass rods, and they won’t be as flexible. Because of their stiffness, they tend to break much easier than fiberglass. With that in mind, because they are brittle, they are more sensitive to light bites of the fish.

Fiberglass rods on the other hand and almost indestructible and will hold up to even some of the feistiest fish in the water. Many fishing rods will use a combination of both materials so you can have the best of both worlds when fishing in different locations.

The Length

When you buy a fishing rod, the length of the rod will play an important role in the distance that you can cast along with the flexibility of the fishing rod. Typically, the shorter the fishing rod is, the shorter the distance that it can cast. Conversely, the longer the rod, the further you can cast. One isn’t universally better than the other, and choosing the one for you depends on your fishing needs. If you plan to fish close to the fish, a shorter rod might be better for you.

Shorter rods can hold up to fearsome fish, so if you plan on fighting with bigger fish, a short rod might be the way to go. If you need to cast your hook far out into the water like off of a pier or beach, then a longer rod would be best for your needs.

The Handle

When visiting stores to buy a fishing rod, you’ll probably notice that most fishing rod handles are made from foam, cork, or another type of material similar to the two. There isn’t one right or wrong material, and it all comes down to what feels best to you personally. As with the length of the rod, the longer the handle, the further you can cast. If the handle is long enough, anglers can use both hands to put more force into their cast and get it way out into the water.

Shorter handles are meant for one-handed casting for a more precise cast. You might also see that some handles have a pistol or split grip which greatly improves the rod’s accuracy and also helps to reduce the overall weight.


When looking at different fishing rods online, the power of the rod describes the amount of force it takes to actually bend the rod. The power of the rod will sometimes be referred to as taper or weight, but in general, the more power that a rod has, the stiffer it will be.

For most general fishing purposes, you would want to buy a fishing rod that has more power to hold up to larger fish. If you’re exclusively fishing for smaller species, then you might want one with less power for more sensitivity towards nibbles.


The action of a fishing rod is basically the point where the rod bends. The action is described in three different variations: Slow, Medium, and Fast. Slow action rods will bend closer to the handle or butt of the rod, while fast action rods bend closer to the tip.

Fast action fishing rods are better for reeling in bigger fish that put up more of a fight because they will have a stiffer backbone than the other options. If you choose a slow action rod, on the other hand, you’ll be able to feel more of the fight if you’re into the exhilarating feeling of the hunt. Medium action falls right in between and is more versatile if you decide to fish for a variety of different species.

The Best Selection

Now that you know what to look for browse our selection of fishing rods. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to message us and our team of fishing rod experts will help you find the right rod for your needs.

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